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Thanks to their plant complex based on Geraniol, BIOSPOTIX products are effective, natural, and environmentally friendly solutions against harmful insects. Unlike chemicals with neurotoxic actions, BIOSPOTIX acts by contact and mechanical actions with harmful insects.
Practical and effective, the BIOSPOTIX spray (500ml) can be used regularly, to avoid new infestations during your daily walks and outings.
Its actions:
  • Protective film on the surface of the animal’s skin
  • Dehydrates chitin and blocks the airways of pests
  • Dehydrates eggs and larvae
  • Immediate action
  • Effective protection for 48 hours

BIOSPOTIX solutions naturally repel insects thanks to Geraniol, which dehydrates and stifles pests.

For which insects?

BIOSPOTIX solutions provide optimal and effective prevention against fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes.

Usage tips :

Shake well before use.
Spray 30 cm over the entire coat, allow drying without rinsing or wiping.
Leave to act and brush to distribute the product.

Suitable for puppies over 3 months old.

Tip: During periods of heavy infestation, alternate the usual shampoo with a shampoo with repellent properties against harmful insects.



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