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ALTAN DRINKING bowl FOR Cats – 2000 ml

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The Altan Drinking Fountain for Cats: Fresh, Filtered Water, Increased Hydration, Easy Cleaning, 2000ml Capacity.


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Encourage your feline friend to drink more water with the ALTAN DRINKING bowl FOR Cats – 2000 ml by M-PETS.

ALTAN DRINKING bowl FOR Cats – 2000 ml This innovative fountain feature a continuously circulating water flow that cats find more appealing than standing water.

Here’s what makes  the DRINKING bowl the paw-fect choice:

Increased Hydration:

The gentle bubbling water stream entices cats to drink more, promoting good health and preventing urinary and kidney issues.

Fresh, Filtered Taste:

The built-in activated carbon filter removes impurities, odors, and bad tastes, keeping your cat’s water fresh and inviting.

Easy to Clean:

The Altan Drinking Fountain features quick-release components for easy disassembly and cleaning, ensuring hygienic water for your pet.

Large Capacity:

The 2000 ml water reservoir means less frequent refilling, providing a consistent source of fresh water for your cat.


Brand: M-PET
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