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 A unique and innovative cat bowl with superior quality for cats.
 This bowl is made of high-quality clear PC resin which is heat and sunlight resistant and it doesn’t allow bacteria to grow, keeping your cat safe and healthy.
 It comes with a stand with an anti-skid rubber base that lifts the bowl enough for your cat to eat comfortably without having to lower their head, minimizing neck, joints, and stomach pain.
 The wide design means your cat’s whiskers won’t get in the way and get food stuck on it.
 – Superior quality bowl for cats made from crystal-clear PC resin
 – Heat, sunlight, and bacteria resistant
 – A Stand with anti-skid base for maximum comfort while eating
 – Well-thought design with wide bowl for the best experience while having food
 Size: 13.3 x 15.7 x 14 cm
 Material: PC resin, rubber pad



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