In these days, it is no longer a good idea to drive your dog to just any dog spa near you to groom them. At Pet Barn, we take grooming dogs very seriously and we insist on providing you and your little one with a luxurious yet affordable services.

Grooming your dog is actually a simple yet very important process to do for your little one to ensure its health and wellbeing. However, we do understand that you might prioritize different ways of grooming which is why we offer a wide variety of services at Pet Barn to suit all dogs.

Now, let us talk about the different packages we have so that you get to know us more!

  • Basic Service

Regularly brushing your pet is extremely important for many reasons such as: removing dirt, keeping their skin clean, and spreading natural oils.

Linda Easton, head of International Professional Groomers, Inc. insists that we should invest in high quality shampoos for dogs since low priced products might have harmful ingredients. This why we invest in Biogance products to shampoo and condition our dogs during the grooming process we offer.

Biogance’s shampoo is suitable for puppies, as well as long and medium-long haired dogs. It is enriched with amino acids and vitamins, to nourish the hair and hydrate the skin.

We also make sure to condition right after we finish along with drying the dog’s coat. We use products based on your dog’s skin and coat, but mostly, we use the Biogance conditioners as well.

In addition to all that, we make sure we clean your dog’s eyes and ears using products such as the Organissme lotions for eyes and ears.

We make sure we hit sensitive spots so that every part of your dog is clean. We make sure the anal glands are cleaned in addition to a quick back shave that leaves your dog looking on point!

For perfuming, we use products such as Odour Spot spray which is available in lavender and lemon green tea. Your dog will smell like a garden of flowers for a few days after the grooming.

This is followed by nail trimming using a nail clipper which is of a very high quality!

You can find a wide range of brushes and combs that fit your dog’s coat on our website.

  • Full Service

The basic service is definitely something to look forward to. However, if you are looking for something to absolutely spoil your dog at Pet Barn, you should check out our full service grooming package which basically consists of all the grooming services that are highly recommended by us to ensure your dog’s well-being.

Our full service grooming service basically includes what is included in the basic service. However, it does not end here.

In this service, we also include dematting your dog’s hair using special dematting tools of high quality that remove matted spots from your dog’s hair.

In general, you should bathe your dog at least one time every three months. However, some dogs might require bathing to happen more frequently based on their condition.

We also make sure we include some brushing for your dog since we believe in its importance. In fact, Ray Truting, a master groomer with the Connecticut Veterinary Center in West Hartford, CT mentions that brushing on its own is a crucial part of a dog’s grooming process and it is very important to make it part of our routines as pet owners or groomers.

Brushing even allows you to detect the presence of parasites or other foreign bodies on your dog’s coat.

What makes this service different from the first is also the fact that we include hair trimming and shaving done by Pet Barn specialists.

  • Add-on Services

If you happen to want specific services to be included in your dog’s grooming routine, we are able to prove that. All you have to do is ask!

In general, most of the additional services incorporated into our pet spa (which we get asked for a lot) are:

  • Hair cutting
  • Dry Grooming
  • Anal Glands Cleaning
  • Back Shaving
  • Nail Clipping
  • Teeth Brushing using our high quality Oral Care products

Grooming is a very important responsibility for a pet owner to ensure the wellbeing of their pet. Pet owners have the chance to do all of this at Pet Barn on a budget and this will definitely be worth it. It will also strengthen your dog’s health and looks!

Do you groom your dog at Pet Barn? Tell us more about it in the comments section below!