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Wellfed Sterilised Turkey & Duck 400 gr

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A nutritious meal for your sterilized cat, supporting its overall health and well-being.

For adult Sterilised cats (12 months to 7 years old).

70% meat (Turkey and duck)

No carbohydrate

No preservatives

No artificial colors

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Wellfed Sterilised Turkey & Duck, the Complete Pate Food for Adult Sterilized Cats specifically designed for cats aged 12 months to 7 years old.

This high-quality cat food contains 97.5% deboned fresh meat, making it an ideal choice for sterilized adult cats.

It is formulated to meet the dietary needs of neutered cats, whose metabolism undergoes changes after the procedure.

The food consists of totally steamed fresh meat, without any carbohydrates, providing a balanced meal for your cat.

Wellfed formula is veterinarian tested to ensure that the taste, aroma, and texture meet the biological requirements of cats in their natural habitat.

Features and Benefits of Wellfed Sterilised Turkey & Duck

Without Cereals

It is free from cereals, which can be difficult for some cats to digest and may cause allergies or intolerances.

100% Fresh Meat without Bones

The food is containing 70% meat (50% turkey, 20% duck) along with 0.1% salmon oil. It does not include any bones, ensuring a safe and convenient meal for your cat.

Without Preservatives

This cat food is free from preservatives, promoting a natural and healthy diet for your sterilized cat.

No Artificial Colors

It does not contain any artificial colors, ensuring a natural appearance and nutritional value.


The food is hypoallergenic, reducing the risk of allergic reactions or sensitivities in cats with dietary sensitivities.

If your cat is experiencing urinary issues, WellFed urinary care provides an alternative formula specifically designed for sterilized cats with urinary problems. We highly recommend this option to alleviate any discomfort or complications related to their urinary health.


  • 70% meat (50% turkey, 20% Duck)
  • 28.7% meat broth
  • 1% minerals
  • 0.1% salmon oil
  • No carbohydrate
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial colors

Weight: 400g



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