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Wellfed Mini Chicken Bites

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“Wellfed Mini Chicken Bites,” the ultimate treat that cats can’t resist! Cooked to perfection using a unique method to retain the freshness, flavor, and nutrients of real chicken.

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“Wellfed Mini Chicken Bites” the favorite treats among cats, no matter the time of day or season. They are cooked using a special method of heating and drying with hot air at 90 degrees Celsius, similar to how human food is prepared.

This process ensures that the chicken retains its freshness, delicious taste, and important nutrients, making it a delightful treat for your cat.

Benefits of Wellfed Mini Chicken Bites

These well-fed treats offer a range of benefits for our beloved cats. Here are the specific advantages they provide:

1-  Nutritional Excellence

With a composition of 95% meat, these treats provide a high-quality source of protein essential for feline health and vitality.

2- Digestive Sensitivity

Being entirely grain-free and gluten-free, these treats are gentle on sensitive feline stomachs, reducing the risk of digestive discomfort.

3- Balanced Diet

With no added sugars and being low in fat and salt, these treats contribute to a balanced diet, helping maintain optimal weight and overall well-being.

4- Allergen-Friendly

These treats are mono proteins, meaning they contain only a single source of animal protein. This makes them hypoallergenic and suitable for cats with dietary sensitivities or allergies.

5- Palatability

Crafted with the unique method of heating and drying, these treats retain the freshness and taste of the chicken, ensuring a delectable flavor that cats simply can’t resist.


  1. 95% Chicken Fillet: The main ingredient, providing a mouthwatering flavor experience for feline taste buds.
  2. 2.5% Glycerin: A natural substance that helps retain moisture and enhance the texture of the treats.
  3. 2% Sorbitol: A sugar substitute with a sweet taste, contributing to the overall palatability of the treats.
  4. 0.5% Salt: Added in moderation to enhance the flavor and make the treats even more enticing.

The treats have a protein content of 40%, ensuring they deliver the necessary nourishment for your cat’s overall well-being. They have a low crude fat content of 2% and an insignificant crude fiber content of 0.1%.



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