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WELLFED MATURE +7 Sterilised cats- Poultry with mussel

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“Wellfed mature 7+ Poultry with mussel”, provides your mature cat with a complete and balanced meal that supports their specific needs – wet formula for adult Sterilised cats aged (7) and above.

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WELLFED MATURE Sterilised cat food Poultry with mussel (+7), specially designed for senior cats aged 7 and above who have been sterilized.

The high-quality formula features 100% freshly steamed meat and minimal carbohydrates (only 2% oat flakes), ensuring optimal health without unnecessary fillers.

Your mature Sterilised cat will enjoy the closest taste to its primal desires while receiving all the essential nutrients it needs. 

Benefits of Wellfed Mature Sterilised Cat food

There are several key benefits of this cat food. These benefits can be outlined as follows:

1- Weight Management

Older cats often experience weight gain due to reduced exercise caused by limited activity or joint pain. This cat food includes L-carnitine, which helps convert fatty acids into clean energy. By promoting efficient fat metabolism, L-Carnitine aids in managing weight and preventing excess weight gain.

2- Urinary Health Support

Another benefit of this specialized formula is the inclusion of DL-methionine. This ingredient supports urinary health by reducing the risk of certain urinary tract issues. It helps maintain a healthy pH balance in the urine, which is important for preventing the formation of urinary crystals and stones.

Wellfed also offers a special formula for urinary care that you can obtain if your cat already has urinary problems.

3- Good fiber content 

The fiber content from oat flakes contributes to a feeling of fullness in cats. This can be particularly beneficial for older cats who may have a decreased activity level. By promoting satiety, fiber helps with portion control and prevents overeating, assisting in maintaining a healthy weight.

4- Joint Health and Mobility

The unique properties of the green-lipped mussel extract included in this cat food provide specific benefits for joint health.

The extract contains natural compounds known to support joint function and alleviate joint discomfort. By enhancing joint health, cat food promotes improved mobility, allowing older cats to move more comfortably and freely.


  •  Poultry (68%).
  • Broth (28.9%).
  • Oat Flakes (2%).
  • Minerals (1%).
  • Green-Lipped Mussel (0.1%).



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