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Tail Swingers Soft Stick Chicken

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 These tasty soft chicken sticks for dogs from Tail Swingers are the perfect treat for your spoiled doggie!
 It’s a healthy snack low in fat and perfect to reward your dog and train them especially if they are allergic. Made 90% from chicken.
 – Low in fat
 – Free of dyes, sugar, flavor enhancers, and preservatives
 – Contains soft chicken stick, an excellent low fat diet
 90% chicken, 5% starch, 2.5% glycerin, 2% sorbitol, 0.5% salt
 Nutrition Facts:
 Protein: 27%
 Total Fat: 5%
 Total Ash: 5.5%
 Total Fiber: 0.1%
 Moisture: 23%


Tail Swingers

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