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Tailswingers DELI KNOTS RED 11.5 cm 2pcs 60gr

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 Tasty chewing knots from Tail Swingers with ox skin wrapped in chicken fillet, a perfect treat for your dog.
 This high quality food will help your dog relax by chewing it while strengthening the dog’s jaw muscles and providing a healthy nutritious meal.
 Suitable for dogs up to 15 kg.
 – Low in fat and salt
 – Free of dyes, sugar, flavor enhancers, and preservatives
 – Contains ox skin and chicken, an excellent treat for dogs
 27.8% chicken fillet, 70% rawhide, 2% sorbitol, 0.2% salt
 Nutrition Facts:
 Protein: 70%
 Total fat: 3%
 Total ash: 4%
 Total fiber: 0.2%
 Moisture: 18%
 Weight: 60 g


Tail Swingers

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