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Tail swingers Mini Turnies Chicken w/ Fish

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 Tasty chicken and fish bites from Tail Swingers, a perfect treat for your dog.
 This high quality food is rich in omega-3 vitamins and it’s a great choice to reward your doggo for good behaviour.
 Omega 3 means it’s healthy for dogs with heart problems and it acts as a natural anti-inflammatory.
 – Low in fat and salt
 – Free of dyes, sugar, flavor enhancers, and preservatives
 – Contains chicken and fish, an all-time favorite treat for dogs
 64.8% chicken, 25% cod, 5% starch, 5% propylene glycol, 0.2% salt
 Nutrition Facts:
 Protein: 27%
 Total fat: 3%
 Total ash: 3.5%
 Total fiber: 0.1%
 Moisture: 23%
 Weight: 100g

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