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Tail swingers Dental Twists roll Blueberry (small bites)

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Promotes dental health, strengthens jaws and gums, and ensures your pet enjoys cool, minty-fresh breath.

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Tail swingers Dental Twists – Blueberry

Add Blueberry-flavored Tail swingers Dental Twists to your pet’s daily routine for a happy and healthy smile.

These dental twists are designed for thorough oral care, including teeth cleaning, jaw and gum training, and promoting fresh breath.


🐾 Oral Care

Specially formulated for effective teeth cleaning, these dental twists contribute to your pet’s overall oral health.

🐾 Jaw and Gum Training

The satisfying chewiness of Dental Twists helps in training your pet’s jaw and gums, promoting dental strength and resilience.

🐾 Fresh Breath

Infused with parsley, dill, and fennel, these twists are designed to combat bad breath, leaving your furry friend’s breath cool and pleasant.

🐾 Natural Ingredients

Made with a thoughtfully curated blend of natural ingredients, including corn starch, whey protein, and parsley, it ensures a wholesome treat for your pet.

🐾 Delicious Blueberry Flavor

Enhance your pet’s treat time with a delightful blueberry flavor that adds an extra layer of enjoyment to their dental care routine.


  • Brand: Tail Swingers 
  • Category: Dental, Healthcare & Supplements
  • Weight: 130 gm
  • Composition: starch, water, glycerin, whey protein, lecithin, natural spice, potassium sorbate, parsley, fennel, dill, alfalfa, milk, blueberry flavor.
  • Nutritional value: protein (10%), Fat (1%), Ash (2.5%), Fibers (2.5%), Humidity (15%).


Daily recommended dosage:

  • For dogs weighing 1-5 kg: 1-2 pieces
  • For dogs weighing 5-10 kg: 2-3 pieces
  • For dogs weighing 10-25 kg: 3-4 pieces

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