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Standartd Training PADS 60 Χ 60cm 42pcs/bag

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Pet Interest absorbent pads consist of five layers. The first outer layer is made of high-strength material that does not tear from the nails of dogs. At the same time it traps moisture in the 2nd and 3rd layer, which consists of active polymers *. The active polymers have the property of absorbing 3 times their volume (in contrast to the cotton that absorbs it only once) while at the same time delivering moisture to the entire surface of the pad. Finally, the last outer layer is laminated to ensure waterproofing. Greater waterproofing = cleaner paws = healthy, clean house!Suitable for puppies as they are impregnated with a special attractive smell to defecate on the pad directed by their sense of smell. It also has adhesive tapes so that the puppy cannot move the pad.* Active polymers are completely harmless as they are even used in crops to retain moisture in areas with water problems.High absorbency & high strength for a dry and clean dog.For good hygiene at home.



Out of stock