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Your cute dog or cat may get a cut from playing around. Don’t worry. They will be fine if you just sterilized the damaged area. However, it is highly recommended that you help your pet recover quickly. Therefore, our Pet Barn store provides this magical Biogance Repairing Cream. This cream is formulated with Tamanu Oil, which is known for quick soothing and recovering action, as well as Tea Tree Oil, which acts to purify and sanitize the skin, heal and repair the skin. Biogance Repairing Cream is an effective treatment for minor wounds, abrasions, and irritated areas of the skin. Don’t leave your pet hurt, and help them recover as soon as possible so they can play freely again.
 Repairs the damaged skin.
 Quick soothing & recovering action.
 Formulated with Tamanu Oil & Tea Tree Oil.
 Calms the damaged area of the skin.
 Easy to apply.
 Capacity: 50 ml



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