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M-PETS Play Dog Toy – Tony

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Versatile, squeaky, stress-easing toy for dogs of all ages.

Give your dog a chance to engage, learn, and have fun. Try it now!

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M-PETS Play Dog Toy – Tony

M-PETS Tony play Dog Toy – A playful fusion of a rubber tennis ball and a crinkle paper tail, designed to delight your furry friends with interactive fun.

With a built-in squeaker, vibrant colors, and durable materials, this toy adds a new level of excitement to playtime, promoting bonding and enjoyment for pets and owners alike.


🐾Squeaker Sound

The integrated squeaker within the rubber tennis ball produces an enticing sound when squeezed, captivating pets’ attention and enhancing playtime engagement.

🐾Crinkle Paper Tail

The crinkle paper tail attached to the ball creates an additional sensory experience, stimulating pets’ curiosity.

🐾Suitable for dogs of all ages

From puppies to senior dogs, the versatility and durability of the toy make it perfect for various life stages and energy levels.

🐾Promote Clean Teeth

Chewing on the toy promotes good oral health by helping remove plaque and tartar buildup on your dog’s teeth.

🐾Alleviate Stress

By serving as a comforting companion, providing engagement and comfort, reducing feelings of stress and loneliness.

🐾Mental Stimulation

Interactive play and engagement with the toy help stimulate your dog’s mind, preventing boredom and promoting mental development.


  • Brand: M-PET
  • Category: Dog Toys
  • Size: 18 x 11 x 6.5 cm
  • Materials: The ball is made of durable rubber, and the tail is constructed from crinkle paper material.
  • Squeaky Toy



In stock