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PIDAN Pet Cooling Aluminum Bed

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Maintain your cat’s ideal body temperature with this Pidan Pet Cooling Bed, inspired by a Japanese Zen Garden. Made with an aluminum alloy material, the ripple in the centre symbolizes water and peace. When your cat is overheating on a warm day, let her lie inside the bed to experience the cooling effect. She will cool down naturally and quickly. Pidan Pet Bed Aluminum comes with anti-slip grips at the base and is easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Puss can be cool all day long!

  • High- performance aluminum alloy material contains high thermal conductivity
  • Dissipates heat efficiently, stops your cat from overheating
  • The matte surface has a comfortable and smooth texture and is cat friendly
  • Dust and fur-free, easily cleaned with a wipe

Dimensions49 × 49.5 × 13.3 cm



In stock

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