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Pidan Pet Bed -Spiral

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~Let Your Pet Sleep in The Beauty of Design~

Golden spiral streamline design

This golden ratio pet bed get its design from the stunning Fibonacci spiral. Your pet can sleep in the beautiful spiral streamlined design cutting. 

Unique resting spot, a well-proportioned modern beauty

This pet bed has a rotary passage and a spacious area for a rest. It allows your pet to curl up naturally. The high-low staggered wooden cat bed edge matches with different sleeping positions and body type. This refined and minimalist pet bed is suitable for different styles of home furnishings.

Fine craftsmanship, a quality you can see 

The pet bed frame is made of high-quality basswood with a wood wax treated surface, making it fresh and clean. Pad cover made of soft cloth with exquisite tailoring. It is concise and beautiful. The pad filler is a high elastic sponge pad. For easy cleaning, remove the cover with zipper. The base has an antiskid device so it is not easy to slide yet gentle on wooden floors. 

A pet bed that takes care of the sleep of both cats and dogs


Cleaning tips

  1. It is recommended to remove the cover for washing and disinfect the sponge every week. Keep the bed clean and dry.
  2. Place the pet bed in an area that is less humid to prolong the use of the wood. 
  3. Avoid direct sunlight. Regularly polish the wood surface to maintain its gloss.

Warm prompt

 The wood of this product is all natural. Each wood veneer line is different, not because of a painting issue. The wood board adopts a multi-layered compressing technology so transport process may cause hairline cracks in the fence. We do not accept returns or poor reviews due to the above reasons so mind carefully before buying.
Wooden pet bed - spiral product info



Out of stock