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pidan® Dual Bowl for Cats – Green

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Pidan® Dual Bowl: Healthy Posture, Reduces Spills, No-Tip, Easy Clean, Eco-Friendly, Double Bowls.


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Support your feline friend’s well-being with the Pidan® Dual Bowl for Cats – Green.

pidan® Dual Bowl for Cats – Green This innovative feeding system combines ergonomic design with functionality to promote healthy eating habits and keep your cat comfortable.

Here’s what makes  the Dual Bowl the paw-fect choice:

Promotes Healthy Posture:

The elevated pedestal design encourages a natural eating posture, reducing stress on your cat’s neck and joints. This can help prevent future digestive problems.

Reduces Spills & Whisker Fatigue:

The 15-degree tilted bowls minimize spills and provide a comfortable feeding angle for your cat. The wide, shallow design prevents whisker fatigue, a common cause of discomfort for cats with long whiskers.

No-Tip Design:

The innovative anti-inverted design features a low center of gravity and a bowl wrapped around the base. This ingenious feature keeps the bowls securely in place, even from the most playful kitty.

Easy to Clean:

The detachable bowls are made from eco-friendly, food-grade ABS material that’s smooth, polished, and easy to clean by hand. These bowls are not microwave safe.

Double the Convenience:

The Pidan® Dual Bowl features two separate bowls, providing a designated space for food and water, keeping your cat’s mealtime organized.


Brand: Pidan
Category: Bowls & Feeding Accessories



Out of stock