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M-PETS CLEANING Wipes ears, eyes , and muzzle

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Keep your pet clean and healthy with that gentle, alcohol-free stain remover wipes.

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Cleaning Wipes for pets – 18 x 20.5 cm – 80 pcs

Tired of dealing with your pet’s dirt, odors, and irritations? Look no further! M-PETS Cleaning Wipes for pets are here to make your life easier.

These wipes are all-natural, eco-friendly, and safe for your pet’s eyes, nose, and muzzle. Whether you’re on the go or it’s too cold for a bath, these wipes are your quick and dependable choice for keeping your pet fresh and clean.


🐾 Stain Removal

Effectively removes stains from your pet’s ears, eyes, and muzzle, helping them look and feel cleaner.

🐾 Hygiene

Promotes good hygiene by keeping these sensitive areas of your pet’s face clean and free from dirt and grime.

🐾 Anti-Bacterial

Provides anti-bacterial properties to help prevent infections and maintain your pet’s overall health.

🐾 Alcohol and Chemical Free

Completely free of alcohol and harsh chemicals, ensuring a gentle and safe cleaning experience for your pet.

🐾 Hypoallergenic

These wipes are hypoallergenic, making them suitable for pets with sensitive skin and allergies.

🐾 Daily Use

Gentle enough for everyday use, helps you maintain your pet’s skin and coat with care and convenience.




In stock