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Persian Royal Canin

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Royal Canin Persian Adult cat food – the perfect solution for Persian cat owners seeking specialized nutrition for their feline friend. Specifically formulated for cats over 12 months old with a unique almond-shaped kibble design that supports healthy skin and coat.

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 Persian cat food from Royal Canin is the perfect meal for Persian cats as well as other cats.
 This breed-specific food promotes healthy skin and keeps the hair soft and shiny with its wide range of nutrients.
 Persian cats have long hair so they need a complex blend of fibres to reduce hairball formation and help pass ingested hair.
 It also maintains a healthy digestion with its proteins and prebiotics, and designed for the shortened jaw of Persian cats with its almond-shaped bites.
 – Breed-specific cat food that helps promote healthy skin and hair
 – Complex blend of fibres to reduce hairball formation
 – Maintains healthy digestion with proteins and prebiotics

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