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NATUREST Vegan Pet Food with Fresh Vegetables and Fruits 400g

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Made in Germany

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Food suitable for all ages. A nutritious, digestible and safe vegetarian diet or a delicious and nutritious food supplement . Always follow the standards set by global organizations regarding the health of pets.
Cooked with fresh natural products, without soy, corn, grains, preservatives, artificial flavor enhancers and colors .
Contains 60.75% vegetables (17.10% carrots, 14.50% pumpkin, 11.50% zucchini, 10% parsnip, 4.10% spinach, 2.80% fennel), 38.70% fruit (14, 50% apple, 10% cranberry, 7.20% apricots, 7.00% bumblebee), 1% minerals, 0.1% flaxseed, 0.1% FOS, 0.1% MOS.
Without preservatives.
No  flavor enhancers.
No  grains and soy.
Low  carbohydrates.
Metabolic energy : 24.3Kcal / 100gr
To help your pet adjust to a vegetarian / vegan diet start by mixing vegetarian / vegan foods with those he eats normally and gradually increase the vegetarian / vegan amounts.
After adopting his new diet, watch him closely to see if his new diet suits him, especially if he is very young.



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