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Milk & Pepper Dalmatian Leash

KD 15.250

Walk in style with Milk and pepper!

A black & white leash, paired with a titanium snap hook, adds a pop of fashion to your furry friend.

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Milk & Pepper Dalmatian Leash

Elevate your dog’s appearance to match their unique personality with the Dalmatian Dog Leash by Milk and Pepper, where style and charm effortlessly come together!

It’s more than just a leash; it’s a way for your pet to look fabulous wherever it goes!


🐾 Stylish Design

Made with black leather featuring a Dalmatian pattern, it adds a stylish touch to your furry friend’s look.

🐾 High quality

Choosing Milk & Pepper signifies access to a globally recognized brand known for its style, superior quality, and attention to detail, ensuring your pet wears a distinguished accessory.

🐾 Secure Titanium Hook

The leash has a sturdy titanium hook that keeps your dog securely attached during walks.

🐾 Polished Edges

Every detail matters, including the polished edges that perfectly match the overall design and enhance the leash’s durability.

🐾 Rivet with engraved logo “M&P”

To make this leash even more special, it has a rivet engraved with “M&P” for a unique and charming touch.

🐾 Comfortable Inner Lining

The inner side of the leash is made of soft leather, ensuring your pet’s comfort during wear.


  • Brand: Milk & Pepper
  • Category: Collars, Harnesses & Leashes
  • Size: 1.5 cm wide (to wear with Dalmatian collars – 15 or 22mm)
  • Printed leather leash – Dalmatian design 
  • Black leather lining
  • Titanium hook
  • Titanium engraved “M&P” rivets
  • Black waxed sides

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