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MATELOT Tee Shirt Mariniere

KD 9.750

MATELOT Tee Shirt Mariniere: Set sail for style! Striped tee, nautical design, comfy cotton, Milk & Pepper.



Set sail for adventure with the Matelot Tee Shirt Mariniere by Milk & Pepper!

MATELOT Tee Shirt Mariniere This stylish t-shirt features a classic navy and white striped pattern, inspired by the iconic uniforms of French sailors. The bold design is sure to turn heads wherever your dog goes, whether they’re strolling down the boardwalk or playing fetch at the park.

Here’s why your dog will be the most pawsome sailor on the high seas (or anywhere) with the Tee Shirt:

Nautical Chic Design:

The classic striped pattern and seafaring inspiration create a timeless and stylish look for your pup.

Comfy & Breathable:

Made from 100% cotton, this T-shirt is comfortable for your dog to wear all day long, keeping them cool on hot days.

High-Quality Material:

The durable cotton can withstand your pup’s adventures and frequent washing.

Milk & Pepper Brand:

This trendy dog t-shirt is from Milk & Pepper, a brand known for its stylish and high-quality pet apparel.


Brand: Milk & Pepper
Category: Summer Clothes

Get your dog ready for summer fun (or any adventure) with the Tee Shirt!

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