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M-PETS Vice Versa Dog Toy Stick – Chicken scent

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Elevate playtime with the Vice Versa Dog Toy!

Engage your pup’s senses, promote healthy habits, and keep them entertained. Try it now!

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M-PETS Vice versa Dog toy

Chicken-Scented Vice Versa Dog Toy from M-PETS, designed to captivate your furry friend’s attention and promote healthy chewing habits.

The irresistible chicken scent will engage your dog’s senses, making playtime even more exciting.

This toy also doubles as a treat dispenser, adding an element of surprise and engagement to keep your pet entertained


🐾 Treat Dispenser

This toy also functions as a treat dispenser, adding an interactive element to playtime. Fill it with your dog’s favorite treats to keep them motivated and entertained.

🐾 Floating Toy

Perfect for water-loving pups, the toy is designed to float in water. Whether it’s a pool, lake, or bath, your dog can enjoy playtime even in wet environments.

🐾 Dental Hygiene

The toy’s combination of hard and soft textures helps maintain your dog’s dental hygiene by gently massaging gums and cleaning teeth as they chew.

🐾 Interactive Play

The multi-sensory experience of the beef scent, treat-dispensing feature, and engaging textures encourages dogs to interact with the toy, providing mental and physical stimulation.

🐾 Hard & Soft Touch

The toy’s unique design offers both hard and soft touch areas, catering to your dog’s varying chewing preferences.


  • Brand: M-PET
  • Category: Dog Toy
  • Dimensions: 22.58 x 5.49 x 5.49 cm
  • Chicken Scent



In stock