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M-PETS Starter Kit Holder & 7 Training Pads 60.5 x 46 x 3.2 cm

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Durable & leak-proof Training Pad holder.

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M-PETS Starter Kit Holder & 7 Training Pads

M-PETS Starter Kit Holder – A pad holder designed to prevent odors and mess caused by your dog.

With durable plastic that effectively blocks urine from passing through, ensuring your home stays clean and fresh.

Simply place your pet’s training pad inside the Pad Holder, then ideally position it in an area where your puppy can use them.

For cleaning, soak the pad holder in liquid soap for a few hours, then dry it through any convenient method.


🐾Mess Prevention

Prevents your pet from making a bad mess and a bad smell in your house.

🐾Easy Cleaning & Reuse

You can easily clean it by soaking it in liquid soap for a few hours.

🐾Secure Pad Locking

With the ability to lock the training pad in place, your pet won’t be able to move it around.

🐾Safe & Durable Materials

Crafted from safe and durable plastic, ensuring your pet’s safety during training sessions and guarantees long-lasting use.

🐾Leak Proof Design

The leakproof construction of the pad holder ensures that there are no accidental spills or leaks, keeping your floors clean.


    • Brand: M-PETS
    • Category: Training pads
    • Dimensions: 60.5 x 46 x 3.2 cm
    • Pads size: 60 x 45 cm
    • Color: Gray
    • 7 training pads




In stock