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Lulu’s World Casa Cosmo Cat House

KD 27.250

Lulu’s World Casa Cosmo: The ultimate cat house! Cozy cave, observation deck, sisal scratching, plush interior. Perfect for all cats, any age. Happy cat, happy life!



Unleash Your Cat’s Inner Explorer with Lulu’s World Casa Cosmo Cat House!

More than just a house, it’s a purrfect world for any feline friend. Imagine your kitty gazing out the window, napping in the cozy cave, or sharpening their claws on the satisfying sisal scratching post. The Lulu’s World Casa Cosmo Cat House caters to every cat’s needs, no matter their age or size.

Here’s why your cat will love the Casa Cosmo:

Cozy Comfort:

The enclosed design creates a secure and calming space for your kitty to relax and unwind.

Observation Deck:

The raised platform with a window perch satisfies your cat’s natural curiosity, offering endless entertainment.

Sisal Satisfaction:

The durable sisal scratching post redirects natural scratching instincts, saving your furniture and keeping claws healthy.

Plush Paradise:

Soft, plush fabric lining the interior provides the purrfect spot for luxurious naps and cozy hideaways.

Durable Design:

Crafted with wood and textile, the Casa Cosmo is built to withstand playful antics and last for years to come.

Compact & Stylish:

Measuring 48cm x 48cm x 62cm, this casa fits seamlessly into any home decor, offering ample space for your cat without overwhelming your living space.


Brand: Lulu’s World

Category: Cat trees

Dimensions: 48cm x 48cm x 62cm.

Invest in the Casa Cosmo and watch your cat’s happiness blossom! Order yours today and give your feline friend the gift of comfort, fun, and relaxation.


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