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LAVENDER Puppy Training Pads 30 pcs 60x60cm

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Pet owners struggle to keep their dogs out of the bathroom and kitchen. Yet, they don’t want to replace their expensive carpet or wood flooring. Our Pet barn store for dogs’ and cats’ accessories provides the Lavender Puppy Training Pads. This product has a natural scent that is used to make your dog or cat calm and relax. Our training pads prevent messy leaks and unpleasant odors and keep them clean and nicely scented. Lavender is not only a natural scent but is also known to have many natural health benefits. We affirm that these pads are healthy and safe to use. Get some now and keep your fluffy pet fresh and clean so you never worry about stinky smells at home.
 Won’t leak.
 Powerful liquid absorption.
 Keep your dog or cat clean & fresh.
 Scented with Lavender perfume.
 Prevent any unpleasant smells.
 Quantity: 30 pcs.
 Size: 60 x 60 cm.



In stock