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LA DOLCE VITA Tee Shirt Paradisio

KD 9.250

LA DOLCE VITA Tee Shirt Paradisio: Italian summer chic for pups! Black & white, gold accents, “Ciao Bella”, comfy cotton, Milk & Pepper.





Transport your pup to a world of Italian summer chic with the LA DOLCE VITA Tee Shirt Paradisio by Milk & Pepper!

LA DOLCE VITA Tee Shirt Paradisio This black and white t-shirt features a retro-inspired design with golden accents, channeling the elegance and glamour of 1960s Italy. The inscription “Ciao Bella” in gold adds a touch of whimsy and Italian flair, making your dog look like a sophisticated pup ready for a summertime stroll.

Here’s why your dog will be the most pawsome pup at the park (or anywhere) with the Tee Shirt :

Italian Chic Design:

The combination of black and white with gold accents creates a timeless and stylish look inspired by Italian fashion.

Comfy & Breathable:

Made from 100% cotton, this T-shirt is comfortable for your dog to wear all day long.

Eye-Catching Design:

The gold lettering and retro vibe are sure to turn heads wherever your dog goes.

Milk & Pepper Brand:

This trendy dog t-shirt is from Milk & Pepper, a brand known for its stylish and high-quality pet apparel.


Brand: Milk & Pepper
Category: Summer Clothes

Get your dog summer-ready and feeling bella with the Tee Shirt!


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