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Jocky Cat Tree

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Jocky Cat Tree: Climb, lounge, play, explore! Sisal scratching, plush platforms, toys, lookout perch. Happy cat, healthy claws, stylish home!

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Unleash your feline’s inner acrobat with the Jocky Cat Tree!

sturdy and stylish playground designed to satisfy their natural instincts and keep them entertained for hours on end! This Jocky Cat Tree isn’t just a scratching post, it’s an adventure center packed with opportunities for climbing, lounging, and playful exploration.

Imagine your kitty scaling the sisal-wrapped poles, lounging regally on the plush platforms, batting at the dangling toys, and surveying their domain from the lookout perch. The Jocky Cat Tree isn’t just fun for your cat, it’s a stunning addition to your home with its modern and minimalist design.

Here’s why your cat will be the champion of playtime:

Ultimate Climbing Challenge: 

Multiple sisal-wrapped poles of varying heights cater to your cat’s climbing desires, providing healthy exercise and keeping their claws trimmed.

Plush Relaxation Stations: 

Soft and comfortable platforms offer purrfect napping spots, while the cozy hammock provides a secluded haven for rest and relaxation.

Endless Entertainment: 

Dangling toys and a peek-through hole spark your cat’s curiosity and encourage playful batting and stalking.

Durable and Stylish: 

The sturdy construction ensures stability even for the most enthusiastic climbers, while the modern design complements any home decor.

Spacious for All Sizes: 

This generously sized cat tree accommodates cats of all sizes and ages, providing ample space for climbing, playing, and napping.


Brand: M-PET
Category: Cat trees
Dimensions:  70x61x77,5 cm

Invest in the Jocky Cat Tree and watch your cat’s world transform! This enriching and stylish haven is more than just a scratching post, it’s a gateway to a world of fun, relaxation, and stress relief for your furry friend. Order yours today and witness the purrfect transformation – happy cat, healthy habits, and a beautiful new addition to your home!










Out of stock