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Grass Mat Training Pad with Tray

KD 12.000

A grass mat pad with a natural grass feeling, efficient drainage, and easy cleaning.

Get it now for a fresh and worry-free experience with your beloved pet!

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58 x 46 cm
Drawer Size: 30.5 x 27.5 cm

M-PETS GRASS TRAINING PAD WITH TRAY features a three-layer design that requires no assembly and makes it easy and comfortable to use for any pet.

The top layer is made of synthetic grass with a high resemblance to real grass in just the right density and length. The second layer of grid tray drains the grass mat and keeps it away from urine with raised pegs. The removable tray at the bottom collects the urine and keeps the grass mat dry, minimising odour transmission.

NATURAL GRASS FEELING – Artifi cial grass mat offers a realistic feel of natural grass.
FAST DRAINING TURF – The turf is designed with drainage holes to quickly remove pet urine and water. The close-meshed turf resists any wear and tear infl icted by claws, paws and pet urine.

EASY CLEANING – Dispose of the collected urine in the container provided and rinse the three layers with soapy warm water. After cleaning the mat, hang it up to let it air dry. Not machine washable.



In stock