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FLEXI Muzzle L

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A simple strap that clips over a dog’s snout to prevent them from biting, barking, or chewing. Our Flexi Muzzle keeps your pet under control without dealing with potential misbehavior. It prevents aggressive dogs from doing harmful actions such as destroying your furniture or hurting others. Furthermore, it is simple and effective that goes straight to work as soon as it is put on. The lightweight, compact design makes it ideal for active dogs. This anti-chewing muzzle is the best way to go to keep your pet under control. Get one now from our pet store and make sure that your dog will never misbehave anymore.


Prevents your dog from biting, barking, and chewing.
Stops them from being destructive and violent.
Keeps your pet under control.
It is made of high-quality materials.
Easy to fit, durable.
Adjustable strap for a perfect fit.


Dimensions: 1.5×26 cm/ 30 cm.



In stock