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Double open pet food container 10kg

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Double Open Pet Food Container: Airtight, Dual Lid Design, Keeps Food Fresher, Double U Seal, Large Capacity (10kg), Food Scoop Included.


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Keep your pet’s food fresh and flavorful for longer with the Double Open Pet Food Container 10kg from Catidea.

Double open pet food container 10kg This innovative airtight container boasts a combination of features designed for both convenience and optimal pet food preservation.

Here’s what makes  the food container the paw-fect choice:

Airtight & Durable:

Constructed from high-quality plastic, this container features a hermetically sealed, airtight lid that locks in freshness and prevents pests from entering.

Dual Lid Design for Easy Use:

The convenient double lid design allows for effortless refilling and scooping. The large lid allows for easy pouring of large quantities of food, while the smaller lid provides easy access to daily pet food portions without exposing the entire container to air.

Keeps Food Fresher, Longer:

The airtight design combined with compartments for oxygen or moisture absorbers helps prevent food spoilage and oxidation, keeping your pet’s food fresher and tastier for longer.

Double U Seal Groove Technology:

Catidea’s innovative Double U Seal Groove technology ensures a superior airtight seal, effectively insulating your pet’s food from air and moisture in most conditions.

Large Capacity:

The 10kg capacity is ideal for storing a substantial amount of dry pet food, minimizing refills.

Food Scoop Included:

A convenient food scoop is included, making it easy to portion out your pet’s meals without creating mess or wasting food.


Category: Bowls & Feeding Accessories
Dimensions: 10kg – 50 x 28 x 44cm


Out of stock