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A high-quality cooling toy from M-PETS.

Ideal for hot days and teething puppies. Try it now.

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M-PETS FRISBEE Cooling Dog Toy

Discover the M-PETS FRISBEE Cooling Dog Toy – the ultimate solution to keeping your furry friend refreshed and entertained even on the hottest days!

With its frisbee-like shape, this cooling toy is filled with water and frozen, offering a delightful blend of play and refreshment.

Expertly designed to provide long-lasting comfort, this cooling dog toy is essential for pet owners aiming to elevate their furry friend’s overall happiness.


🐾Stay Cool All Day

Beat the summer heat for your dog with the M-PETS Cooling Dog Toy. Freeze it to keep your dog cool for hours.

🐾Supports Dental Health

This toy isn’t just for cooling; it cleans your dog’s teeth as they chew, preventing dental issues and giving them a healthier smile.

🐾Teething Relief and Chewing

The toy is Perfect for teething puppies. The soothing, frozen texture provides relief to their sore gums and encourages proper chewing habits for strong teeth.

🐾Boosts Performance and Appetite

It Revitalizes your dog’s energy levels and appetite with its cooling sensation, ensuring they stay active and well-nourished.


      • Brand: M-PET
      • Category: Dog Toys
      • size: 10.6 x 2.2 cm
      • Color: Blue
      • Water inside
      • Cold effect
      • Refresh & Cooling down



In stock