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CLASSIC Pad Holder

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Pets are a part of the family, and they deserve to be treated with the same respect that you would give to the family members. Our Classic Pad Holder will help you prevent your new dog from creating odors and mess at your home. This pad holder is made of durable plastic that doesn’t allow urine from passing through. It only works by putting the pet’s training pads in the pad holder. Make sure to put it in an area where your puppy uses the bathroom outside the house. For the cleaning process, soak the pad holder in liquid soap and leave it for a few hours. After that, you may dry in any way possible. Don’t hesitate to get it now from our online pet store.


Prevents your pet from making a bad mess and a bad smell in your house.
Easy to clean and reuse.
Comes in appealing colors.
You can lock your pad so your pet doesn’t move it around.
Made of safe & durable plastic.


Deminsions: 60 x 46 x 2.7 cm.
Color: Grey.



In stock

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