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This pet Cargo Fence is a great way to keep your pets out of trouble and safe. The lightweight build and easy set-up make it as easy to handle as a regular fence. Pets can enjoy the safety of the enclosed space while still having access to the outdoors. The easy set-up requires no tools or assembly and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The durable and lightweight construction is strong enough to hold up against any puppy or kitten. These double-stitched seams create a strong and sturdy construction that can withstand the most challenging pets. Furthermore, the mesh windows and ceiling allow for great visibility and airflow while providing a small dog play space. Keep your pets safe and secure with this convenient, lightweight, and easy-to-use pet fence.


Provides an enclosed space to keep pets safe and secure.
Fold-flat when not in use for easy carrying and storing.
The light mesh windows and ceiling deliver great airflow and visibility.


Dimensions: 86 x 61 x 11.5 cm.
Material: Iron & Textile.



In stock