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M-PETS BLOOM Rugby Dog Toy

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Experience the future of play with M-PETS BLOOM Rugby featuring E-TPU Technology – designed to keep tails wagging and playtime exciting.

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M-PETS BLOOM Rugby Dog Toy 

M-PETS BLOOM Rugby Dog Toy with E-TPU Technology – the perfect blend of innovation and durability for your furry companion’s playtime.

Developed in collaboration with the ADIDAS Innovation Team (AIT) and BASF’s expert chemists, these balls offer an unparalleled play experience for your dog.


🐾 E-TPU Technology

Bloom toys are made with E-TPU technology, a breakthrough developed alongside industry experts. This technology ensures top-tier quality and performance.

🐾 Non-Toxic and Food-Grade

The toy is non-toxic and made from food-grade materials. Your pup can play without worry.

🐾 Very Low Abrasion Resistance

It resists abrasion remarkably well, ensuring long-lasting play value.

🐾 High Bending Resistance

They’re built tough, and capable of handling bending and stretching without wearing down.

🐾  Eco-Friendly Material

All raw materials and manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly, making these toys a responsible choice.

🐾 Lightweight and Elastic

Despite their sturdiness, these chew toys are lightweight and highly elastic. They can even float on water, offering versatile play options.


  • Brand: M-PET
  • Category: Dog Toys
  • Size: 14 × 9 ×8 cm
  • Durable, safe & chewable
  • Corn kernel design
  • Soft material



  • Recommended for medium to large-sized dogs. Not suitable for aggressive chewers.
  • The label should be removed before use.



In stock