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BLACK COAT shampoo

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For your dog’s dark coat care, look no further than this Black Coat Shampoo that is formulated to replenish lipids, and provide a deep cleansing action that will leave your dog’s coat in tip-top shape. The rich formula is made up of natural ingredients to provide a healthy and soft coat. It is also paraben-free, which means that your dog will have no adverse effects like skin irritation, allergic reactions, or excess shedding. The shampoo will provide exceptional results for your pet’s coat and will give it a healthy shine, as well as a soft, silky feeling. This shampoo will also be gentle on the skin of your dog and will keep it moisturized. Pamper your dog now and get one for your cute little friend.


Natural and organic shampoo for dogs.
Extra care for your dog’s skin.
Helps to remove dirt, oil, and excess product buildup.
Organic plant-derived oils provide keratin-boosting hydration to make the coat soft and shiny.


Capacity: 250 ml.



In stock