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 Formulated with malt and paraffin PHYTOMALT eliminates the formation of hairballs while providing a better digestive comfort.
 This product helps to optimize the intestinal flora balance and eliminating ingested hairballs to prevent constipation.
 This product comes in the form of a liquid solution, easy to administrate thanks to is measuring cap.
 – 100% natural ingredients
 – Eliminates the formation of hairballs
 – Optimizes the intestinal flora balance
 – Suitable for kittens over 6 months
 Shake before use.
 Pour the recommended dose on the bottle in drinking water or on food once a day.
 Recommended cure time: 1 to 2 months, renewable several times a year if necessary.
 PHYOMALT can be combined with other products in the Phytocare range.
 Complementary foods are not substitutes for a varied diet.
 200 ml



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