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Pidan Bib Collar – Fatty

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Adjustable pet bib ensures a snug fit with a secure buckle. Keep your cat both comfy and chic.

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Pidan Bib Collar – Fatty

Keep your furry friend safe and stylish with the adjustable Pidan Bib Collar – Fatty!

Featuring a secure buckle, vibrant colors, and a comfy fit, it’s the perfect blend of safety and fashion.


🐾 Enhanced Safety Buckle  

The bib includes a secure buckle to prevent suffocation. It automatically releases if the bib experiences a force over 6.6lb, ensuring your cat’s safety.

🐾 Easy-Fit Tri-Glide Button

With a Tri-Glide button, adjusting the bib’s circumference (7-12 inches) for cats and small dogs is simple. Note: A slight measurement error of 1-3 cm is normal.

🐾 Luxurious and Safe Materials

Crafted from a Silk Polyester Belt and Colorful Canvas, the bib is luxurious and safe for pets. Regular washing is recommended to maintain cleanliness without fading.

🐾 Detailed Design for Comfort 

Meticulously designed for comfort, the bib focuses on details to prevent fading and ensure vibrant colors. This highlights a commitment to quality and your pet’s well-being.

🐾 Not a Leash Collar Substitute

Importantly, this product is not a replacement for a leash collar. Use dedicated leashes and collars for walking and controlling your pet.


  • Brand: pidan
  • Category: Collars, Harness, & Leashes
  • Size: Adjustable for neck from 7-12 inches
  • Material: Silk Polyester Belt and Canvas, No harmful dyes.



In stock