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When your dog feels irritated and stressed. It means that your pet’s skin may need extra care. Therefore, we provide this innovative product as an ideal treatment for the skin and coat. This refreshing spray will help calm and refresh your dog. Also, It helps relieve itching and dry skin. Algo Protect Spray is made to hydrate and nourish the skin. This natural and organic formula is pH balanced to enable the coat to resist environmental aggressions such as pollution, smoke, UV, etc. Get this useful product and check fits ultimate features. Pet Barn will make sure that you and your fur buddy will be satisfied.


Protects the dog’s skin and coat against environmental aggressions (pollution, smoke, free radicals).
Perfect to use on your dog’s dry, itchy or flaky skin.
Smells good and nourishes the skin.


Capacity: 250 ml.

How to use?
1- Shake it before spraying.
2- Spray it early in the morning and before taking a walk.
3- Brush the spray to spread it over the skin.

Note: Try to keep it away from the eyes.



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